Friday, January 29, 2016

the gem with in

Yes indeed, there is a gem of a potion just raring to be free
and not just sit there and rot because maybe you are too lazy
too withdrawn
or too sad about what could be
could have been
what it is not now
and never has been
and yet you know this
and still do nothing to impress yourself to do more of something
not about how hard it is
or how you hate this or that
I have heard this and it does not nothing
you continue to believe that if your heart is in the right place only the good will come
it does not work that way
bad is always lurking to happen because you forgot to remember
it is random
you lurk with it if you do anything
you nurture ideas implanted in your mind from
a face telling you what to say
what  to eat
what to wear
what to think
offering freedom only if you obey the rules they set

A rare gem of a thought is wandering within your mind
asking you to be fair and easy
asking you to listen to reason
telling you that happiness is right now
right now we are breathing
That gem is a thought, a feeling and a surprize for each wonderful regret
each forlorn coldness you shed
have shed, my sweet, have shed, and all that weight  has now been lifted and you stad more strong
more aware
more enlightened
more content

happiness is now..and... this amazing soap that has made me fall in love with oils even more..haahaaaaa

It got darker as the vanilla has bloomed with the vetiver and tobacco absolute. I have three left because, well, I am generous.
I know it looks ugly on the outside. It is oddly reddish and when I cut it, it made this weird sort of smudge. As the water and your hand so the things in the shower that you do, this soap will dissolve very slowly and become so smooth and silky and all the layers of oils will be driven before you by pure heavenly wafts of citrus. OMG! I am good!

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