Monday, January 11, 2016

if I were bernie sanders i would quit

Listen, they are crazy, the jackals who hate in politics. I heard someone tried to shoot him. Bernie Sanders!

 I understand the fear of socialism because every time I go to a government building, there are guards with guns. I understand that if the government runs everything, they do it badly. look at national health care! How many forms do I have to fill out so I am not punished next year?
The fuks!
How many forms so I do not have to be punished for already working my ass off to pay for people to be mean to me! So far we the people is a frustraing cluster fuk! That is because it does not take too much education to get a typing we the people can and must learn to be kind and polite.
I get it. Things have to change.
Look at Greenland..(okay, do not say to me, "go there then if you like socialism so much", that is dumb, I am not going anywhere!

Modern socialists are smart and not falling for the "animal farm" mentality any more!
My questions are,
 "where is the money?"
"why do you need more?"
Modern Socialism and Marxism..
That is what the fear mongers want o think. OMG, Marx, Franco, Hitler and Stalin..the angry rotten fuks that they were! Killers they were and do not forget it  and while humans like me and you worshipped them as gods and did their bidding!
It happened! People like you and me did it. They had to or die in the end. They died anyhow! remember that!

In modern socialism, we the people take control of our own money and time. I am not an economist, but do you not think it is time that all the people thrive and make our planet good instead of ignorants saying stupid things on line, on that tv, and then the frenzy. That  is crazy brainwashing all day.
Instead of listening at how we can all live well, they get pissed and make up words about modern liberals being Marxists this and that..
Just remember this and I will stop and tell you of the finer things..
Stalin( orthodox) Franco and Mussolini, Hitler were a Catholic..they all came from strong religious, militant religious backgrounds and they were able to over turn the ruling churches forever..killing millions at the same time, creating suffering and hunger and death everywhere all to get the land to rule over more slaves and more fear mongers!
The Catholic church was power for over 1500 years.  In the 1940's things became more complicated....what with Mussolini's relationship with the pope because he had great big secrets about one of his main cardinals.."humn..boys in and out of his chambers, hey?"

Secrets destroy lives, that is for sure. They made the Catholic Youth together, The Pope and Mussolini did,  they were trained as soldiers to  round  up anyone who was a Jew looking guy or woman, they were violent and it happened.
I wonder if it is any different with Arab looking people and how conservatives look at them today? I wonder if in 20 years their children will say no more, no more heads covered, we have bowed enough, give us books, give us free speech and give us clean food! I wonder! Of course they will change and change and their kids will change. they must, it is not healthy to be in a rigid religious mind set all the time. It does not make for happiness. I have never seen them happy, the religious.
In fact they come to me every day for advice on depression.

Secrets are poison.
I am not talking about your secret stash, I am talking about guilty secrets..
Just do the right thing always and you'll never have to carry that kind of weight on your hearth's mind.

In modern times, we are more in control of our selves. But not that much.
While I will always put theses ideas under scrutiny, even modern socialism, I will look at the end result and talk about it.

Trump, that guy is going to be president and I hope at the least he cuts relations with Saudi Arabia and that The US stops throwing so much money at them! Maybe Trump will take on modern ways to get energy, and looks at where The United States puts big money down and why? And the rest of the head cutting nations, ask them what do they want? say , "no!" and walk away! Who made all the guns the have anyhow?
Who sold the illiterates all the guns?

 By the way, how different is slicing heads from  a poison needle in jail?
Not much, but they do it for imaginary laws of god and for writing words. That Is the other end of conservatism. You are not allowed to think based on national religious laws and it is legal to kill you and me for it!
Writing anything about Mohamed in modern times can get you killed in every country! That is truth..and it is ridiculous..
It happened, and still does, remember Salman Rushdie, he wrote, "Satanic Verses" and the clerics went crazy and put a big price on his head. He lived in India somewhere when he wrote it so how Iran got, in to was the clerics paid the money to get him killed. I think he hid for many years. ( I should read the book)
I do not know, but it is the other end of conservatism.
The other end of Liberalism is the same in many ways..hunger because men and women will go all "animal farm", drinking whiskey in the big house while every one else is outside, cold as shit and hungry, convincing themselves it is right and good and they should be glad they have it. Meanwhile, the horse is gone missing and every one lies to themselves about where he is because they have to lie to themselves or die!! They know what happened to the horse. the pigs sold him  for glue and for money! They knew and yet, they were made to be weak and slaves anyhow..

I say, Bernie, leave this fray of jackals and come to the light where we all live free and kind and smart.
In my town, the rules, there have to be rules, there have to be.
clean up
read up
do art
read up
help your town
help the lady with the garden
help yourself
go to your awesome clean home and make good clean food
have great sex, guilt free
don't cheat
do not lie or steal
sleep free from worry
ask anything
sort through the answers

"people are going to die
I am going to die
your mother is going to die,
no more kid stuff"
Walking Dead

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