Saturday, January 30, 2016

choose what to think

The things you look for are the things you will find. If you look for betrayal you will find people who betray you. If you look for love, you will find love.

That all sounds really good doesn't it?

When you mix a surge of "love" hormones with that thought, things can get heated pretty fast and then you are driven by something more powerful that you can handle and then you do the wrong thing and you are once again right where the first question happened. 
 Is this real? 
Am I happy? 
What do I do now?
The first thing you do, is sit down and put the phone down. Read something good or listen to a debate on what you love to listen to. Do some art and realize the truth before you.

Practicing choosing to do or say something is harder than just saying a quote from some yogi master who was definitely kind of right. If we could all just relax a little and really try to be happy, we would not have anxiety attacks or pain or jealousy or strife or unwanted feelings of rage and hostility.

It all comes with hormones and chemicals our brain makes and we are  what we are. To emotional as creatures of earth.

I am in the business of health and nutrition as you might know. I all the time get people who come in and tell me how bad their life was before they found religion and god, and how they are now devoute and I should be too. I am devote my friends, I am. To my family, my art, my life, my feet, your butt! I am devout about those things..

Everyone who wants to save me and love God because he helped you find your keys instead of saving that little boy in the woods..listen!
Why are you still stressed though? Why do you  talk about god and then act so mean to me about dumb things? Why do you scoff at every new word I might present because you are not allowed to think anything let alone love a real life, doing everything you actually want to do?
Sometimes, :),  I'll not say a word when I hear people say things about their conspiracy theories.."They"
Who are these, "they"?
Do you think the two dead people in Oregon and over  pasture land that were killed by Negan's Men, er,  the local government people with guns and a mean "I'll kill my own attitude", , are they the "they"?
They were all looking for and finding what they wanted in that scenario. 

And now the rapes and crime that has happened because of the mass migration in to Europe..dude, what do you think you'll get when you have a new ghetto with a bunch of poor angry young men hanging around? They already fucking hate women and would kill their own sisters if they as much as looked a boy or said something.

One girl at work, said, "all we can do is pray"
She was eating a gourmet mac and cheese and organic chicken at the time. 
Yes, that will help because you know, it did not help the mess in the first place so let us beg some more to god so we can fix the lead problem in Flint!
How fucked up is that?
Had no one looked for this problem, we would all be walking around breathing lead, it goes back in the system and is colorless and tasteless.. settles in to the dirt we farm on..   lead and now chlorine and anti chlorine stuff!
We must look for everything, everything!
Pray as we clean up and pray as we say words to keep cleaning up our messes from bad, lying for their local Negan, and bad women who followed them..bad bad who should have been better encouraged by the lord..

Sorry, I think and say too much. I am going to leave you with this song..

get closer

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