Saturday, December 31, 2016

happiness on dec 31

The real last day is now and tomorrow and the next day.
I am like Rick from The Walking Dead when I  say, "we are the walking dead."
Yesterday this man came in. Sweet face and had a concern about the temperatures of vitamins or something I thought was time wasting of brain, but hey, okay..
I told him extreme temps are bad for vitamins but not if you just leave them in the car over night. Yes, keep probiotics in the cooler but your multi can handle the counter top or cabinet. How do you think they get to the store on a truck through the USA and to me and the I finally line them up just right  for you on a shelf.
I told him dampness and heat were his culprits and not to worry too much about it.
"oh, thanks" He looked at my eyes like he was trying to to see what I was about..they all do that.
"aren't you concerned about dying?", he asked me.
I took a moment and told him, "I am not overly concerned. It is going to IS going to happen no matter what, I just want to be happy and do my best right now. ( much work to be done on that little plan of mine)"
He stayed a while and shared some more things of his life to me. He was not a secret shopper asking some droll question and I think I could sense his need to share a bit of himself. He told me his age, same as mine and he was elated..funny.
Later  in my workday the older lady came in talking about soap. "I want to try your soap...:)"
My blood pressure!
They get so greedy and do not know what they want.
In the first sentence she is like "oh, I am sensitive and oh, I am not a fan of lavender, I really want to try your soap."
Go on line, read about what you want and then we'll talk. I do not like it when it begins with, " I hate", I like it when it is, "I love everything. I love. I love everything"
I love you
I love lavender and even sickening spikenard too. Sometimes I want rosemary!
I love the way cedarwood can turn my stomach because I know it is something big that needs budging..
Go, read about the way jasmine can make you feel and how my new soap with illepe and calendula  might just bring your skin some real time healing zeal..

I will make a face nugget  for you little greedy ones..I will make it with calendula and sea buckthorn and just the right sweet touch of honey..mmmm

Have a wonderful day today, you sing me a song just like right now, say each word that pops in to your head and let people feel your joy. I do! I love you so so so much!

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