Saturday, December 1, 2012

Pluto in Capricorn and what do I know about it

All I know is that I have The Moon in Capricorn and Pluto is lingering at my ascendant ..and that should give me a pretty good gauge to me as to the flavor the vibe and because Pluto in Sagittarius was passing over my 12th for so many years.
Well, I know this much..Pluto in Capricorn is still kicking my but. In a good way in many different ways but also in a hard my bones hurt sort of way as well...
(notice the use of so many W's in a sentence..That was Pluto in Capricorn!)

I get frazzled with money..that is a big one because I love spending on food, oils, and books.

I work full time
I maintain a lovely soap business which also takes my time
do all the laundry
I clean the kitchen daily, they all help a home is tidy and smells so good..
I study with Emily, she is so smart
watch a Merlin

I do not want to make plans or hang out..
I do not fit in with the in crowd
I do not want to date

Tell  me about your impressions of patchouli and vanilla together and how that makes you feel.. maybe we can have tea together:)
other wise your accomplishments seem like bragging.
Look in to my closely into my  eyes and let me smell vetiver under your arm pits and vanilla in your breath... allow me to hear your ideas on God and how we are already infinite and part of a huge exploding star...

If Pluto represents "getting rid of" processes, one would do well to look at the house that Pluto is visiting for the next 7ish years.
I should make a mental list today of all the qualities of the first house and how I will harness Pluto's energies..
this time:) lol


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