Sunday, June 30, 2013

after bat guano

lady sunflowers after days of rain
I wonder what they'll do. I started them late from seeds, but I figure they'll grow by late September..
I'll keep showing you..

I went to the hydroponic store to get the organic food for my plants..that place was cool..bat guano all over the place in neatly arrange packaging..little grow light set ups, big set ups..:)
I bought an organic liquid and a bag of dry guano. You just mix it with water and feed your plants.
I was inspired to get it because I saw some plants that were fed with actually giant strawberries from one or two plants..
my plants so far make small tart berries because I have been only using compost..gardening is all about learning, changing, clearing, constant clearing and then feeding the plant. they like it when you pay attention to them..
and every time I pluck a weed, I wonder how smart they are, they make themselves look like your plant so you are always surprised when they've grown enough and then you see them...I have tried mulching and only by the sunflowers to keep the heat down. It seems silly to be paying for decorations and dirt..but pay we must since there aren't any horses nearby anymore, no chickens either. I think you can have 3 chickens in Livonia. Still, like I need one more thing to do, right?

I am feeling this Mercury retro big time.

friendly faces re telling
forgetting the telling
remembering the goodness
forgetting the whys
remembering the be causes
self glorification
rudeness again

me, "hello ma am, how can I help you?"
the lady, " why is there no expiration date on this extract?"

"this company abides by herbalist standards, therefore, does not put an expire date but they do put a date when the item was prepared"
the lady,
"no, don't tell me, I am a pharmacist, I know, there has to be a date!!"
me in my head,
"hey how about you educate yourself on herbs and stop being rude??"
"how do you get to be a jerk, how?
Go to the companies web site if you care so much..why are you putting your ignorance on me and my service abilities. You are a pharmacist but do not own a computer..humm
Do you get up in the morning and decide to be mean and nasty to everyone you meet?
Are you so self glorified that, you cannot imagine anyone above you?

I tend to make space between someone like that and myself and she let someone else console her over her tragedy of no date on the herbal vial and another opportunity to proclaim that she is a professional woman, a pharmacist.
I am like, (in my head again) "well, I am a soapmaking witch and I could care less about that, how about you smile at me and speak gently?"

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