Thursday, June 20, 2013

when I go back

and read all of my typing errors, I cringe a little and hope that who ever reads my blog can cringe and laugh a little with is about the message and not my language skills, :) right?
I will really take time to proof my words and be a better typist.

speaking of going back, I was thinking about the past and some of my choices during  times  and now that I am so much older I should have new guidelines in which to choose my direction for the next 5 years.
I won't be angry about the past. I will forgive myself and others. and I do but some folks you just have to walk away from. They are bad for you and your environment. I mean, who wants to live in a constant state of emergency and battles?  It can take years off of your liver..better to use them bitters for your best body's health instead of for releasing toxic stress chemicals, right?

I will take into account the energy now, Cancerian all day and all summer and well suited to caution and reality.
Jupiter enters Cancer and stays for one year. I think that during Jupiter's opposition to Pluto later in this cycle, we'll have even more opportunity to get to know our inner self..and yes, some of us will suffer inside a little..people do not always live the life you think they should. When you find out some things about someone you love, it is shocking and relevant because maybe you can remember something in yourself...
That was then..this is now.
Think about the powerful aspects in our solar system and in our neighborhood in this galaxy and how we can measure our neighbors in space at this moment in time and how we are a part of something big.
Think about Summer Solstice and make  the powerful wish you'd like to make and how this is the time to get what you want by taking care of the things that need done to clear the way..Mercury is about accepting the simple truth.
As Merc slows down a little we seem to be speeding patient with yourself and be honest. fakers suffer the most inside..and Cancer energies do not put up with that too long.. we can all look at Cancers and learn..

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