Wednesday, June 19, 2013

shreem to cypress oil and lavender

i am making soap with cypress..
an excellent inflammatory oil and pleasantly in its odor.
I will add some stone pine oil from Austria and also some wonderful blue hemlock spruce..
I will then round things off with a few helpers, like lime and sweet orange, not too much and a drop or two cardamom cedarwood and lavandin..

It is an excellent blend for breathing due to terpineol-4 and linalyl acetate  in the lavandin..but mostly, you will love it because of it well rounded refreshing quality. Highly coniferous and cleansing this blend is. Great for any man or woman..great for any skin condition too!

cypress 2 ounces
stone pine 1 ounce
blue hemlock spruce 1 ounce
Himalayan cedar wood 40 drops
lavandin 1/2 ounce
lime 1/2 ounce
sweet orange
1/2 ounce
cardamom 40 drops

this I will add to a, 4  pound soap block and after that we will simply smell and take it all in and relax our mind and body even if it is just a'll be good!

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