Monday, June 24, 2013

Jup at 29 degrees Gemini

Feeling a little rushed lately? Feeling like a part of your body has been needing some care. I am thinking psoas muscle and I am thinking hands or both..they say your psoas is a window to your heart's mind..:)

Jupiter is about to enter Cancer. I like this. I know there are endings and with Jupiter in Gemini and, we were presented with powerful and painful swords at the finish..the powerful part is where you shed wasted time and  and learn to deal with the truth, the painful part  is when you shed it and it hurts you to the core..and you keep it and suffer more...move on without too much fuss and you are better and broader of mind.

Gemini is like that. The truth is so simple to them that they sometimes are rude, inconsiderate and envied because they are so pretty, they do not have to do as much as other people..
Look at every Gemini that you know. Pretty, hugh? They seem to just say things which are on their minds and sometimes, I swear I detect snidliness..ok ok  now I'm  thinking of that cartoon dog who used to snicker, heheee
Gemini People need a ton of space. make too many demands and they will retreat further in to their mind.
It is isn't because they are mean. it is because they are delicate and wish to have the least amount of nervous tension or "drama" as people in moderns times call it. They used to call it "nerves.."

Cancer planets  dominate for the next few weeks and with the Sun moving in on Venus, I think we'll have a nice few days where we will enjoy and appreciate our awesome lives...let's allow the boons which Jupiter brings to highlight our lives and let's allow ourselves to secure and nurture our homes and family members.
Cancer loves;
gut instincts
unique contentment
learns easily

Jupiter loves
brings boons to home
brings interesting world events

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