Friday, June 21, 2013

Happy Solstice 2013

Thank you for being my friend and always accepting me the way I am.
:) I wish that this year brings us joy and compassion and lots  of money and boons
I wish that my soap business continues to grow and flourish with the best soapie friends ever and the best work mates for me that I could have even wished for
I wish for you to know your own divine right that you and I and the divine source are one..
everything that is possible belongs to us belongs to us belongs to us

I am dreaming now that our health will improve and that our words will continue to be kind because we monitor every one of them that comes out of our mouths..(a hard one for sag or sag rising, hehhh)
I wish that when you and I go on line we get to learn something from each other and not some lunk head hater talking  mean things about some pretty girl on the TV..who  cares!

I am saying thank you thank you thank you because I get to work with oils....and..I get to spread my seeds all over bar of soap in Spain and one in Australia, one in the rest, yes??
Easy there, not too fast, I like a gentle trollop..usually:)

I have been feeding the roses some sort of kelp based tea once a week. pretty, yes?

have a wonderful  day

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