Monday, June 3, 2013

just bought some amazing oils for summer

How about some palmarosa and lavender with only salt in the soap?
It sounds great because it is really nice on the skin and smells refreshing.
Palmarosa is one of the best oils for summer skin.
One reason is that it is a nice cooling oil and another would be that it is pleasant and gentle on your skin.
I will pair palmarosa with lavender and geranium with a shot of organic lemon..the soap will be creamy white with specs of salt.
Sound good?

What about Patchouli Cacao together?
Yes, in soap!
It has been one of my very favorite combinations in perfume. I think a nice dark bar of goodness aught to tweak some insane frikin amazing part of where there is harmony and understanding and real friendship within.
patchouli soap

More Black Walnut soap you say?
I'll think about it..
I think I will use only essential oils this time because I am out of larch and birch resins.
Birch resin is not smokey like the has a sweet and very pleasant tone and until I can collect the resin from my tree, we'll have to wait before I get more of that stuff.
The oils I will use will still be from trees and provide a unifying comfort vibe which also helps inflammation and creates a vector of confidence and right thinking..
vector = momentum plus direction
I like it!

All I can think of though, is rose with cardamom and maybe a shot of nutmeg....what is wrong with me?:):)


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