Thursday, June 6, 2013

organic vetiver

It smells like heaven outside right now. One reason is that I am doing laundry and the dryer is making everything smell like what is going on in here.
I had been in the middle of a new batch of birch soap when I realized that I didn't have enough birch tar to make a big batch of birch soap and I had all this soap base with castor oil for shampoo bars..
"I did get a stunning organic vetiver oil", I thought to myself.
So, I then proceeded to make some vetiver lime soap..I made this some time ago and it was fabulous.
I really do not know how it'll look. The thing with castor oil in soap is that it is so GLOBULOUS..globs of weird material globulating out of the bottle and the the soap comes to trace in like less than five minutes no matter what temps go go with. So I made a "decide" right there..
How simple life is and how easy.
I reached for organic vetiver and distilled lime and was quite generous with each..2 ounces vetiver and 4 ounces lime..
I made a new shampoo bar slash body bar..
I am calling it this;
a membrane of interweaving  love shimmy  vibes  shampoo and body bar
 "honey pie vibes" or "come here you delicious warm man (or lady))) vibes"

I am getting nervous, what if the soap is super ugly? Like me sometimes?? I look like a witch you hear me!

Now take a deep breath because you have to pay attention and be gracious with your leaders and think kindly towards others.
Because there are things to be reckoned with..
Like for Aries being  on a such an adventure, and Cancers growing so quickly, like over night! How nice for you..I know Cancer people have worked harder than anyone I've seen lately.. Cancer is about to get on a chariot and ride with skill and attentive poise, a natural leader right now too. It is all good, just watch your food, k. I know I want to eat when Jupiter is in a water sign. In Cancer, Jupiter will definitely bring us closer to home and eating pie, mmm..
We make a home where ever we are..that is Cancer all the way..They eventually create a little cave for themselves no matter where they live at the moment. Still, to them, home is best.

For all of us Jupiter in Cancer all year, will influence our desire for stability and grounding with nourishment.
Of course the home will be involved. Clean and tidy living is what is best..clean up and then sit down at your nice table and have a chat, a bowl of soup and a good show maybe on Hulu:) The best thing is to not anchor yourself into bad habits..or bad thought gets  to you, tears you up and rips you open and then you continually feed it with more adrenalin and emotion till you are broken on the floor..they write songs about shit like that.
We have all succumbed to those feelings, and we have all the next day when the sun is shining and the birds are singing and life has gone on, we go on too..I am just saying that you are what you nurture. If you trust and feel content, you will be..if you are scheming, and in a state of emergency brain, you will be..
emergency brain is a term that I use for people who are in a constant state of emotional emergency.

 "leave me alone, I am stressed"
"you wouldn't understand"
"yes I would, I climbed a mountain, tell it"

What about us Libras?
We're somehow always on the edge of insecurity...hard to beat that character..but, by doing the right thing, we will always achieve our desires and feel good about our actions.

"I shed all fears because I do the right thing always"

We Libras sure do know what is up with every one and I feel like people see my shiny light which is  saying, "come here by me, I have awesome soap and good words for you:)"


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