Wednesday, June 26, 2013

delphinium blues

delphinium.. blues... after the rain a heavy rain..I am having to hold them up, the blooms are so heavy and soaked like sponges from all the rain water. they don't mind much getting drenched but can't take the weight. I had  one that  broke was too much..:)
 They smell odd to me, sweet like a flower but dry, and obviously showy..I held the broken stalk of flowers in my hand and thought about what I am feeling now holding this amazing thing.
for sure
looking out at the future kindly
knowing things end
getting on with it
being honest
trying in earnest
overlooking at all the madness and always
showering them all with gladness..

in the back there,
I tried to make a chamomile chair..:)) it looks like a 3 year old did it..I keep thinking I'll have time to pack it with dirt and just use the chair as a mold..and you know put thyme on the dirt..or chamomile..fine I'll toss the red broken chair..or not..
oye, being a Libra is hard some days, but not today..
today, I'll learn more about my printer, and have an open mind and leave the chair alone till August when Mercury moves on from Cancer.
Retrograde Mercury is about refresh, renew, look over, re do, do it again, and then one more time, save a buck, be grateful, eat something good, not too much, and tell the truth, yes, but also be clear so that there is no gray me Mercury can be meddlesome and jealous that point..stop, re-think and love yourself because you are just fine..also that to know and live by that there are some things you cannot control  but your own mind.

I'll stop:)

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