Tuesday, June 25, 2013

distracted dilly

distracted dilly
photo: a special belnd of old whore and spike lavender soap~ wonderful, glorious, deep, woodsy, refreshing, smells great on you all day....

 I made some old whore soap with  the organic oils of patchouli and vetiver that I currently I have..not for long though..
Jeez, I go through a  whole lot of patchouli and this one was amazing..the old whore soap is deep and filled with good oils and extracts, and this one is just as special:)
She turned out nice, the old whore did. Course, she always does and she is always a little different, you know that..she is on a constantly evolving course because every patchouli and every vetiver oil is different..not one distilation is the same.. She can feel the earth move and her electric currents, the old whore can... I had some extra soap base   of the old whore  and also a little extra lavender  grosso soap so i put them together..why wouldn't I, right?
I used a ton of honey in the lavender soap because I want a new complexion bar and I am working on something gentle that I do not have to dig out of a jar to use or have to have a ton of extra ingredients..
here  is one version;
                                                                                                                                                                              lavender soap with green clay and local raw honey
2 pounds olive oil
1 pound coconut
1/2 cup honey
good clean water

og lavender grosso
clearing of the mind
inhaling of good thoughts
shrinking down the holding on to

inflammation  across this nation, too many temptations, lack of irrigation, not enough compassion, stubborn pride galore....

don't worry too much about the mass collective
do something you love and be reflective of each thing that you say and each thing that you do
and then you will empower that timid and shy part that old whore always knew about you:)

ha ha ha
have a good day

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