Sunday, June 23, 2013

the moon was glowing last night

It was so pretty..I was able during one of my rants to still observe her and say thank you for her beauty.
That said, don't think I didn't notice all day that people are emotional and wonky!
So emotional, me too really..a little bit..
I mean, I cannot solve peoples psychological problems..all we have to do to be happy is accept ourselves and our bag of bones..right?

"what should I eat?"
 (Really, at almost 80 years old, you still don't know which food you should eat)
I asked her about her childhood..she grew up in Austria during WW2 and they never had enough to eat. There wasn't enough flour for the village so they always ran out of bread. She remembers going hungry as a child..that can change a person. Now she is always worried about the food.
I told her to eat anything she likes and not worry about candida but she does. She worries and worries about it. I gave her probiotics and I always tell her to breath in and say that she is calm..
She'll do it too! "calm"
I told her to write that word down on the outside of her glass of water because it would energize the water. She does it and says it works..awe!!

" I can sleep"
"I don't know!"
"well, tell me about it.."
"I wake up at 5 am  automatically!"
"Oh, ok, I do to, everyday. Why not just get up then?"
"No! It isn't enough"
hum mm
clearly it is enough..what are you going to do just lay there and make yourself suffer and think about all the bad things people have done to you and frown more?
I remember as I approached menopause, I couldn't sleep. I would get up at 4:30 and do work and get everything done by tenish and then take a nap at 3 or 4..
I am not saying it is a perfect plan for everyone. At that time I was a stay home mom, but if your body wants to get up, I say do it..if you need to rest, rest..that is always best:)
Go make something or go read something..
I am reading a book of short stories by F Scott.
I might enjoy that..

I hope that you are well and happy as you read this and that you remember how wonderful life can be because of its crazy blend of heads and what they think of..

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