Friday, June 7, 2013

my eye is twitching

Ever get that? Your eye just vibrates and makes you stop and ask yourself, "what is going on here?"
I have had a really great year so  not much twitching..unless you count minor situations with my kids..but my point is that a twitchy eye is a warning. It is for my people. My mom will call and always know when I am in need of support because her eye twitches she tells me.
Hmm...she is always right too!
Now, it could be a magnesium deficiency...but I am willing to explore the possibilities and master these interesting eye twitches. It happened to me when that big asteroid passed us. Like three days man!!
I feel like old folk tales are true -ish, to say the least:) and everything is about space and our magnetic pull with each other  in our solar of billions, even trillions  within vast distances..

Happy dark Moon babes!
Ask your self for a favor today and see yourself in the presence of your desires....

Best things:)
honesty with out brutality
rich juicy words
like morsels of food

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