Monday, June 17, 2013

sandalwood cream

I have been asked to make a sandalwood cream.
I want that, you want that and in order to make it an amazing sandalwood experience, I will have to use a proper amount of sandalwood oil to make it the experience we are looking for.
it'll cost us..
In order to make a 4 ounce jar of cream with sandalwood oil, i will use about 100 dollars of oil to make 4 jars
That is 25.00 cost of supplies..
So I will  offer it  as a sort of co-op purchase..
$30.00 each I am charging an extra 5 dollars for the jars and my time and all that..

I will buy an Indian sandalwood oil and make this cream this week..there are only four to start with..
One is for Michelle R..Miss Rod..a gal pal I have that is like you and me:)
she loves sandalwood, patchouli and the old whore..
like me and you do:)
Have a wonderful Monday as Mercury is in his set up for his retro action next week.
Ah, justice and the balancing our harmonious life:) our money, our home and our food..

1 comment:

  1. this gal loves ya! you are the very best!!!
    right on, my dear friend!!!! xo