Saturday, June 15, 2013


I am going back to lavender and as Mercury goes back and forth in Cancer till August, I will review lavender's awesome qualities one by one.
There are many lavenders to choose from at the moment in aromatherapy.  From Kashmir to Bulgarian to French hybrids, they are all lovely.
At  the present time and for the next batch of lavender soap, I will mix a hybrid distillate called French grosso, a spiky one, plus it is organic. I will try it with a couple of things..maybe even nothing.

Here are some notes I have at the moment...

Lavender Grosso  Soap  with a hint of green clay
thick dense soap
spiky, fresh, breathing, encouraging

Moss on Neptune Soap
I will add oakmoss and patchouli, nothing more..and the patchouli  is not so much standing out as it is exalting everyone else and standing in. Where everything draws to him like some enchanted thing weaving itself lovingly around all. So secure and so happy as to allow for lavender's beauty to shine forth.
spiky attractive secure

Lavender Brightening Face wash and serum
(with a beautiful sweet orange to brighten the skin and also chamomile to soothe)
polished aware alive

Lavender is nice on the face. I know that we all love, rose, neroli or even vetiver, but on the face and for my everyday routine,  I like just plain ol' lavender.
You can spray lavender on your pillow and sleep better and you can mix her with just about anything and be happy.
I would think a lavender juniper berry soap would smell pretty amazing in the shower right about now..
I'll wait on the juniper berry, and intend a soap like that for July. I hope I can wait that long!:)

I can wait, there is nothing to hurry about..


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