Saturday, June 1, 2013

the garden party and feeling the shift

It has been storming and hot here in Michgan in June. Thunder and steady rain, the best kind.
It reeks of lilac out in my yard too because I have a bush which really bloomed this year.
You get a little too close and you cannot take much of that.
Look at the lilly of the vally. Ever put one of those under your nose for more than three seconds? Too much!

Gemini energy dominates ( brutal truth, boredom, moodiness, learning new tasks, little trips here and there) and we are getting some endings and wait for it..wait for it...
Cancer energy all the way too. Coming up, Jupiter in Cancer, Venus in Cancer.
Being home is nice and getting your home in top shape will be the theme for the next year.
Maybe your car needs a good cleaning as well...
Mercury is about to be in Cancer till August, osculating back and forth until he goes on  to move in Leo , where excellence will be expected of you and, when you always do the right thing and your best, you cannot be too disappointed.

So June looks like a fun month to me. I have Cancer in the sixth and seventh houses, so being home and communicating with my family makes me a leader extraordinaire and I have to tell you that, I am happy and doing fine in June of 2013.
I hope that you eat something wonderful today  stretch a little like a cat and take a bath with one of my soaps. heh!

haven't yet tried eleneetha's soap?
take a slice of rosemary and lemon and wash your hands
or a shower with the old whore
let your man wash with the old whore and he will smell so good all day

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