Monday, June 24, 2013

some of annie's key words for jup in cancer for 12 signs

Aries: upgrade on home life, mom and dad and real estate..I see you owning a new home
Taurus: broader more evolved perspective, more travel..
Gemini:  realism and awareness serving your goals or are they serving you?
Cancer: terrific rewards, coming out of your shell, fast track..
Leo: your imagination is spectacular and inventive, go for happiness and the rewards will cannot lazy your way out of it..I know, it isn't should be always creating and eating grapes, but it is time to hunt, my lovely Leon!
Virgo: you will expand your circle and rewards follow for something you've been working on.
Libra: confidence and security means you allow for others to be exalted. This is the key to becoming a leader.
Scorpio: old habits die hard but they die, it is you who is best suited for this type of personal maturity with depth and decision.
Sagittariuss: personal transformation, understanding , teaching
Capricorn: great new partnerships, new beginnings
Aquarius: pave the way to tomorrow by doing all the dirty work may not look like much now, but rewards come..
Pisces: relationships blossom, your heart shines with love and compassion and you have some more love to give? I know!
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