Thursday, May 21, 2015

honey lemon balm spring wishes

I told you about lemon balm and how nice it is to heal yourself with it. Heal what?
Your brain babies, your brain.
Every time I get near lemon balm leaves, I feel like I am in church. I have loved them as a little girl because my mother always grew lemon balm, tons of it..nettles too. Remember when I thought I was cool and grabbed the nettle with my hands. Now, that was painful.

I made some lemon balm soap. I used fresh lemon balm leaves and blended them with honey..both as a stabilizer and emollient. A local Michigan small farm honey. Lovely!
The honey adds the taste of earth and animal(obviously))..I added geranium absolute. Very little because I only wanted a few drops of gerinol..and also organic lemon. The lemon is there to emphasize and spike a little.
It smells cake.

This is what I love about soap making, the idea of fresh ingredients and beautiful fat cakes. Some are speckled and some are black. I have made messes of some and never one time looked back. Even when I closed blue lotus moon over a dog..who ever you are that made me have to do that, I hope you know, it is all good..
Facebook? No..I cannot. It takes time away from important face time things I need to do. Like appreciating lemon balm for her grace and poise under tremendous pressures.
For understanding and listening to what is important.
I love lemon balm because its molecular composition is geared towards calm and clear thoughts.

Am I saying a bar of soap can be magical?
As much as you want, much as you want. Sometimes patchouli is patchouli and vetiver is vetiver until you get stung by the overwhelming glory of a rare vetiver that you can never again replace. I would still use the whole thing in soap. I have.
We were talking about lemon balm, weren't we?

I got a letter from a fan who wants me to make that oud orange blossom thing I made a few years ago now...I will see what I have in stock and based on sales how much oil we can afford to make does sound very good. It is mercury retrograde and things from the past do come up. Old loves just gripping on to the last few remnants of what once was..they write songs about things like that. In my opinion, oils never let you down.
I am thinking about the next batch of soap..

Fresh wide leaf sage soap with sage oil and lavender

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