Monday, May 18, 2015

Where I've been

I have been putting plants in the ground.
Plants which I have dragged inside when it's cold and back out for a warm day.
There are still some babies not ready to plant yet... Things are sure taking off in the next few weeks!
We too, should take it the way nature does, by exploding in to fervent sexy life!!
Sexy because it is springtime, and you know what mammals do? They work and feed and prepare and they do it automatically.

Plants do it by reaching out to the light continually unfolding!!

Heirloom tomato babies:)

This here is tobacco.
It was like dust when I planted it.
I did not think it would make it.
I'd like to distill the flowers if we get some.

Soap made:
Cardamom with amrys and blood orange
Time lord
Cucumber chamomile 
And vanilla zombie

Have a good day;)

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