Tuesday, May 19, 2015

the sacrifice

When you make an offering to the gods I hope you realize that you mean the little cells which create thoughts in your mind and not a monkey god or woman with 8 arms.
What it should mean is that you face a scary aspect of your life and proclaim goodness for the next thing. You wake up each day and do it again..each day experiencing piercing reality and having another day to do it.
Like, "here powers that be, here is my offering" "my heart is open to the best things, comfort and joy"
"here my vibrant fervent brain cells, make this real some more"

My offering is about Odin and the 9 years hanging on the Yggdrasil tree.
He almost died, I am sure of it. But not.
The idea being that things are hard and you have to stop and deal with it by submitting instead of being dragged by your nails.

It has been nine years now since I came back from the jungle. I miss it very much in certain ways. I still feel that if I had enough money to live, I would be quite happy there while being able to fly back and forth for the seasons.
**(mercury retrograde, you fuk, stop making up stories about the way things could be or could have been..if they could have been they would have)

Meanwhile back in reality, where I have a job and family obligations.
I set up roots here. And one must attend to them, our duties. All true.
Lets us (my brain cells and I) think on these nine years and how at the end of this huge thing that Odin went through, he came out of it with greater understanding of his capabilities and his honesty and his leadership.
Let us ponder ( my brain cells and I), on better success and more happiness...as we too come out of our nine years..our little cells are continually evolving and changing our mind.

What makes  a person a great leader (of herself) is being there.
Being attentive and being quiet and control through logic and communication.
**note to self...
You think people know what you want, but they do not and you think your brain will do everything for you but you must show up and tell it.
all true

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