Wednesday, May 13, 2015

excitement and patience

they do not match!
I want you to know I am fast at work keeping up with my many ideas always flowing and my time which is always (lately) being pulled by actually good things.
My clan of which I am MATER..pronounced "may ter".so things are good and normal around here.
Spring is here, I guess pretty much even though I had to put the heat on this morning because I had my window open so I did not sleep well in a very cold room.
I had things to do any way. I should actually mop and vacuum but I won't because it is four  in the morning. That would not be nice.
They stay quiet for me and I do the same for them.

I like my quiet time. I love being alone to think about my plans and collect all the goodness which will transform a few ingredients in to one. That is magic like in a "spell",
get it, spell..each thought strengthens my will and makes my thought things become real.
I work alone to create this invoked magic..
Like when I make balms and sweet smelling wonderful things for my shop.It is who I am...
Am I still mad at humans for being what they are? Yes. Not as much when the sun is shining:)and there is bread to eat.
I am too busy and actually realize that the world is the world and I am who I am..

Herbs and flowers fill my little dirt space on earth here at Crabtree Manor.
I wait humbly for chamomile to present me with her magical soft scented flowers.
I watch as my lavender gets green and fluffy and the sage is ready now for my full moon ceremony..
I welcome all the star light which showers me with life force..I welcome honor and truth and fantastic boons. I welcome you, all days!

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