Saturday, May 9, 2015


Of course there is life on other planets!
It is not what you may think in any case. Have you thought about bacteria which may exist that would blow your mind. That yes,  time is different up there and goes slower, but look...
if we were to travel to another planet it will not be for many years, perhaps never. We cannot stop fighting over our gods first off! After that what ever is left (energy, money) is spent on the sick from all the refined chemicals we make.

oye with the aliens.
If ancient aliens came here, (which I do not think they did) they would have left a mark. Everything is about evidence in this case in my mind!
And you cannot tell me the government is keeping a conspiracy to hide this from us the populace.
If that is true, you and I have been living in a cave.
What with all the information now streaming, nothing is hidden and thank odin for that!

a higher being (like humans) seems to need a whole lot of organic components made in stars to be alive and traveling through space is hard on the bones. really hard and all the background radiation and dark matter are also very hard on the body. That is why I think aliens did not come here. We may have been seeded through an asteroid and somehow through a bacteria a a switch our dna that made us different from other living creatures..I do not know.

The natural order of things seems to be..stars, big ones, exploding and then all the dust coming back together in a more orderly way and smaller longer living stars forming galaxies or star cities. The dust turns to rock, collects water which has always been in space (god is water?))no god is hydrogen) after that things begin to change and make basalt, then granite, then continents, moss on stone... and crawly things that eat other crawly things then us.
We are a part of the earth and literally grew in it and from it.

Aliens may one day communicate with us but it will be through computers. There are studies now which have potential to send consciousness in a computer and sent the computer to hostile planets instead of actual humans.
It is expensive and dangerous to travel space..
that is why ancient aliens did not build the pyramids. Slaves did. And there were many mistakes so they had to be re built so more slaves.

"masters be good to your slaves, slaves, obey your masters"

Think about it, One step on a planet with some bacteria you just breathe in and all your internal organs melt. Or consider the changes in gravity. Some would crush you. Even in our neighborhood, we have planets with such pressure that things get crushed after a few minutes. I think the last craft we sent to  Jupiter lasted 11 minutes..
Can you imagine the strange creatures that may develop on other "earth"like planets?

No way?
A mother spider, after her babies are born, makes a chemical in her body which liquefies her insides so her babies can eat her.
Can you imagine the diverse and toxic substances that could inflict a galactic traveler?

So no, I do not think we came from an ancient race of aliens. I also do not think a higher intelligent race came here. There would have been more evidence because you see each one of us leaves a mark here. you know sediment and layers of dead stuff?
ha ha

The birds are singing after a night storm. I will be singing too.

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