Tuesday, May 5, 2015

yia yia's food

The old people!
They are so fixed with their food!
Take my mom. Overweight, has had every ailment and it all happened when we came to amerika.
Is it the food here that makes us sick? That and no fresh air!
In Costa Rica, I walked at least ten miles a day and maybe saw an air plane one time a week.I felt so strong there. stronger for sure. here, I am achy and worn out.
There is something clean about the country and everyone knows it,. And, humans have replaced lead with other harmful chemicals in our air besides the heavy carbon atoms that have never been more dense in our air. Not even when earth was all volcanic!
The foods we eat grow in soil in which all these heavy metals and harmful particulates have settled in to. Our layer on this planet will be really interesting.
Is the the wheat? I love bread but I know my body hates white flour in large doses. I love a nice cold coca cola with ice and pizza. everyday? No.
I do not buy sodas not for many years. Only when my parents come over, they bring sodas.

Then there is that Warren Buffet..84 years old and fixed and sadly a dangerous exploiter of humans for his own wealth! He influences how the masses will eat and drink having invested billions in Kraft Foods and Coke!
He said that they are better  because people at Whole Foods aren't smiling. He means the customers I guess.
Maybe they are not smiling ( he would not know because he does not shop there)but I was at Kroger the other day and they were all mostly fat and not smiling!
He is evil through and through, yo!
Because  he already has billions of dollars and he still has to take anyone down who might be a small threat, he has to try because like many in his age group, he sees eating healthy and a hippie thing that only lesbians and liberals want?
Okay, I might have over stated my point, but there is an air of stubbornness. It keeps people at a hoard level and still hungry for his 1/4 can of sugar water!

I am about to eat said flour with cheese in it. My mother brings these things over. She wants to make me fat! It is like their mind is blocked.
"mom, you cannot make cheese pita all the time"
"why not, you think it will kill us"
"no, but it isn't healthy, mom, really."
Next time she comes, she will bring fruit until she makes more tiro pita (cheese pita) again.

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