Tuesday, May 26, 2015

yesterday and living the life

day off
clean place up
have a nice shower and some vittles
sweet friends might come by

"why, what do you mean, people are coming over?"
"If you clean the house, people come over.."
"mom, what do you mean? Is someone coming?"
"I bet everyone will stop by, now move it, starting with all, ya all's clothes on my couch!"


The best visitors I had were the wee boys that came over with their mamas. One year old human boys  are awesome! "Just like monkeys", my daughter said that:) and a five year old girl with the mind of a 20 year old story teller! How bright our children can be, right!?
Imagine with the right strong, not mean, women guiding these humans towards a better world. Imagine how much smarter your kids are than you in so many ways how you have passed some of the finest genes, smart, funny, able to withstand natural misfortunes..with open eyes and clean mind..mostly..
Humans are a form of ape..sorry Ken, (the guy in KY who thinks the earth and everything is 6 thousand years old)we've been able to look far enough back and genesis is wrong..with mere glimpses of realities that they deemed mystical..it is only mystical if you allow your mind to not think for itself. Also the frozen body of the cave man found in the Swiss alps.. is about that old. Humans were already using fire by then. He carried kindling in some gourd like thing..I digress...my point is that we've have developed over mere millions of years as what we are now..the brew may have been planning and creating us for billions, many billions of years..from starlight to rocks to things growing the them to us and beyond.
The amazing thing is that we are one 10% human. The rest of us and 90% is bacteria! It may be the reason why were are here. 90% is what we are always wrapped and used in. The cells which make us are one one small part! Dude! Our cells are smart enough to group together to form a liver!

Back to me and how awesome I am:)

I hope that you had a nice weekend. I hope that you know what is right and good. That too much pornography and illicit behaviors lead to worry and frustration and worst of all away from creativity or worse.

Finding a grounded friend or lover who really loves you is worth working for  and also your lover should always be your lover..you should not have to ask or beg for his or her love. They naturally should want all the beautiful things (you)which make a marriage or friendship work. You listen when a person says things and you say things back with out sneers..the sneers are scary:)

I believe that one must have alone time to create..a hobby, books, stories, history, laughter and food with family..the gym! I used to love the gym..now, I seem to have developed an aversion to touching other peoples sweat..lol  My point is that, good intentions make for more Goodness, abundance and blissful companionship.

In a man I would value my time  a guy with some skills anytime over a computer geek who never goes outside. I love a nice hardy man..but that is me. You want to hang with the nerd inside playing league or that other one..what eve's..I got's me some worm castings to encounter some where. I have a whole lot of work out there .
Also the earth oven thing..I need to have it! (Every merc retro with the earth oven! It can happen!)

Have a good one! I have to go buy printer ink.

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