Friday, May 29, 2015


"it is not real"
They say that all day, real science people say it too.
The thing is though, they also talk about the smallest things, smaller than smaller things and then say one atom does not matter! Every magnetic thing to you matters even that one molecule of nux vomica.
Guess what, it may be the best thing for many, this homeopathy.
I will tell you why.
Drugs for pain and then realization of reality, try something else not a killer.
And that arnica really does work, doesn't it? I always feel better. Pets really respond to homeopathy as well.. Is it all in our mind?
Maybe, but that is where ideas churn.

I am good. I made a really nice thing for a bath oil perfume oil because man, I can't stop!

I just hope that there is enough because I have to say, it smells so good that it will go fast.
Attraction...sacred honey thoughts melting  in each others minds..
we energize each other with transparent words and judgement. we fascinate one another with our ability to create beautiful wonderful moments of pleasure.

That is how vanilla does! It goes in and then just slowly spreads and glides in to each scent atom and becomes something else.
Something easy and delectable at the same time. Sweet, tantalizing fermonalish:) with the vetiver and oakmoss near by.

Moonlight Words
kind of like old whore ideas with out her labdanum cape                                                                                 her skin glistens with health
barefoot master
clear mindful intentions
carry over into sacred peace of mind

OM Hrim Sum Suryaya Namaha
Sun Worship
shakti power
to hold


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