Saturday, May 30, 2015

June soap menu brewing just now

I am brimming with ideas and I think June is one of those be super selective and also sure of things as the way you made it happen. Remember to always do the right thing.

"Madam soapmaker can I have a bar of your soap, I seem to be all out."

I want rose of course. I love it so this time of the year. I want a crisp, bright rose. I have used most of my rose oil so it will be time to buy more:) Rose with rose geranium and patchouli? I have enough patchouli..that is for sure. That sounds amazing to me.
How about sweet orange? I kind of love oranges!
I love seeking out my oils!
For men..
They want things from me all of a sudden..oil for their face and soap to shave with.
Boys love soap to shave with.
I kind of want to make something new for them but then you get in to this whole thing of men vs women..who needs it! If I want to wear tobacco, I will wear it..

I have a beautiful noble fir that I want to pair with frankincense..I want incense and I want the floor of Appalachian pathways in to the hills..crisp drying leaves over damp rich earth.
We will see. Some brews take longer than others.
We got some new really nice soaps and bath oils at my store. The thing is, I do not always want tee tree with lavender. I want to smell good..know what I mean? Then again a nice tea tree lemon soap sounds about right too!
I am crazy about oils!
I hear word of some sort of manuka flower out of New Zealand. that would be nice. I wonder if the flower smells any different that the tea tree oil....

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