Monday, May 11, 2015

Jupiter Mars and Mercury retrograde

It should'n't make any sense, but it does.

Mars is going to get involved soon too so get ready for even more interesting times. little gem of mine with energy brimming with laughter and songs.
Give your self a little more and see what comes back.
Every moment you are  away creates a bridge of time which is lost
and can never be regained
your memories are colored by what you are feeling now and if you always try to be happy and kind sometimes still, problems happen!
Feelings you've nurtured well up and you cry a little because things and people and life and what is it all for?

the words you mutter
the ones you utter
and the wounds you lick
not paying attention
being to trusting
being mentally lazy
get your head out of the sand

What do you need to be happy?

This is a time to figure that out and not live in some dream or fantasy. Dragons on Jupiter are not real. And Mars is not real like a human and Mercury goes retrograde three times a year.. isn't it funny that is progresses, in astrology from each element each year in order to  have fulfilled some sort of completion in one area and moving on to the next next time it will be Libra..(I will look on that)
I have Mars in the fifth in wonder I am so momma like..mahhhhommm!  Last time the retrograde mercury , it was in Aquarius..Now Gemini(air signs, words and thoughts)

So, yes, there is a strong connection to each planet in our solar system. Very strong yo! If you tell me that Jupiter has no effect on you, or very little, I will say, "Non" Its gravity does so effect us!
It does! It is so big and not that far away..we can see a 400 year or more old storm just raging with sulfur and iron and methane and all the chemicals once made in stars to have formed us.
Of course they effect us! Planets like Jupiter  Mars, protect us like a shield.
Like beings from myth who can carry planets on their backs and have super natural powers to change reality?
I wish it were so and then all I would have to do is pray to the gods and try to beg them to make our lives  easier and more fruitful with lots for actual fruit trees in my case!

This is a time to move on, move out and change some more.
Buy nice things for yourself.
Do not go buying a house, it will be a pain in the ass later and take more time away from real things.
Also, the Gemini effect may bring too much detachment, insecurities and many more difficulties when too much thought is given to things that may not be in your best interest. You cannot see that so you wander and skim and feed your loneliness with food or drugs or too much running here or there.
This can easily happen when one is self absorbed as well as spoiled from being too pretty..LOL

Jupiter will go in to Gemini later this year. I believe it will very much make an impression to Mars this summer..
breathe in and be free from worry
the gods are each vibrant brain cell ready to do your bidding even before  you think it. You inner mind has decided for you.
Trillions of cells working together and magnetically holding each atom together to form us..

I love you!

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