Sunday, May 3, 2015

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Get ready to really put  some time in is all I am saying because you are already busy and things fall apart when you are this thin on resources.
It can be as simple as people not showing up for work.
Or other family members distracting us from what needs done. Just because you might be in a crisis at the moment, does not mean you get to set aside your duties. They wait and you will be held responsible for the outcomes of each event in your realm.
Also, one must be mindful of not living a life in a state of emergency there by neglecting to be mindful of ones behavior and what they produce in their short time span here.
Time and what we leave behind..
Do we die and go through all the seven heavens?
and I do not know. It seems that all memory fades one is unconscious. The only thing you leave behind a memory in each cell of you and your meat suit..which gets passed on to your kids.

I am very busy myself. Many events in my children's lives makes me think about when I will let go and live for myself and not everyone else. Honestly, I do not know what that means. Am I supposed to  take a cruise then?:))
They do grow up and want to leave and that can be quite a thing to adjust to.
Perhaps I will talk about that later.

For now though,
I have a bunch of I should do's
and a bunch of don't have time for's

Will do's

make new propolis balm
make lavender soap with clay ( one of all time favorites for summer and bugs)

I am making a soap with that pine and cedar distillate I bought , I think , to me, it is one of the most lovely scents ever! It will be chypre but with woods and a ambrette seed oakmoss combo I happen to have here.
It is the forest and the glen and it is fresh and clean and renewing flashes of clear thoughts.
I  used it last night and I slept like a baby once my neighbors stopped yelling from the party they threw last night because of a boxing match.
I do not follow boxing anymore and I would rather watch Vikings on hulu..
Pretend violence is to me better than real head banging..each punch delivering millions of dead brain cells on contact!
I had to close my window they were so loud! I must have gotten up during the night and opened it again. Ah, fresh air!

For today,
I am wearing old whore over ambrette, oakmoss and labdanum.

Have a good day and think of me often because I think of you every day and praise you for being my friend no matter what I say or think. That there is real babies!

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