Saturday, May 2, 2015

simple needs

I have been working with birch tar. It is smelly, smokey and I spilled a bunch of chya loban on a whole block of birch soap. Just on top and it basically stained the whole brick and they cooked together. I meant to drizzle. It is one of those things in aromatherapy when it is an "oops!" I spilled on my hand and everything. i have washed and washed and still, it lingers on me.
(cooked as in went through the saponification process)
I finally see why this (oil) choya loban is so special.
The smoke does eventually go away to radiate frankincense. A sweet resinous beautiful memory of what it was destined for.
I am in awe, really.

The birch, not so much and then, yes! I go for another mind blowing smokey whiff! Such a volatile material.

 I have to say that it is one of my most favorite trees on earth. I have one birch tree and it is so cute and growing just fine. You can even drink its sap or juice. It seems to have healing properties right from the tree as a kidney tonic..drink up! If,you can find someone who grows nice trees, grow your own birch tree. Talk about Paleo!

I am making soap later and this time I will make a vanilla zombie again as I have enough vanilla co2 to make a soap with. I also have a couple of whole beans that I will grind really well and add to the soap.
I am intrigued about this dry finish with the choya. I might just make a small batch of soap with a single note of Choya Loban. I think it is worth a try. I will let you know of course:)

Vanilla Zombie
zombie because it is kind of wrinkly and ugly..vanilla because, it is so wonderful and simply delicious.
Have a wonderful day.


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