Friday, May 8, 2015

my offering to odin

you should have one too
ask (your inner Odin) for guidance
about the next thing you should do
ask for enlightenment to know you are he or her
ask for courage
ask for control of mind and will

my offering will be a secret only for me
but my web of power will extend
to places full of glorious enchantments and free willing debris
I will collect each thing like moss on a diamond it will  connect
to form my desired outcomes
my meditation,
it is simple and pure
may it be a honey wine infused with flowers having been chanted to with vibrations
it may be a smudge of sage and violets having been collect as if in church or sacred temple because the earth is our sacred home.

may be an anointing oil for beard and hair

for my ladies, would add oak moss and with woodsy woods and clover blossoms elder flowers and sage.

for men,  I would make it with juniper and pine
I would add the oak mossy notes and lavender with sage..

It is a ritual for your mind to collect all your fine attributes and bring them to an organized and very comfortable platform.
invoking now...
honor in earth
honor in planning
 self control

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