Wednesday, May 6, 2015

a small wee bit of color in green after green

There have been a few things blooming like magnolias which you only get a days worth of awesomeness and now the rododendrons.
I love the colors that happen in sprintime!
I love you my cherished readers and soap friends.
Let us now rejoice at how amazing we are and how we conjure wealth and goodness from seemingly nowhere. just like a star forming and radiating goodness and life so we reflect this. always there is wonderment on earth when we continually evolve like this.
In that regard we are special in another more universal look, we are not so much.

"why is your god so greedy for so much gold and wealth?"
Interesting, intersting, since gold is made in stars at the point before they explode in to oblivion and land on some rock forming in cooler spots in its nebula..
dude, I am crazy about this!
How we are so much a part of something so much bigger and more complex!
"well, who made god?", said a boy I acused of worshiping a human sacrfice.
"good question, boy, good question"

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