Thursday, May 21, 2015

So far in my life

Busy busy and still finding time to do this....basically playing in dirt.
I could have produced very nice rows I suppose.
Also it was a time thing because the peppers were freaked out in their pots.
"Let's us out!"
"No, it's going to be cold tonight"
"It's ok,let us out."

"It looks like you've made it )"
"It was rough, you were right "

It should be getting warmer I already feel it.
I had to bring in some of the more delicate plants again.

It is kind of like a cold room.
Salad circle, of onions surrounding carrots 
Later gators ..which by the way, in soap making, 
I'm making soap of patchouli and also a lemon balm with lemon and geranium absolute.
We'll for sure talk about how nice that is.

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