Thursday, June 11, 2015

can we talk about shane (walking dead)?

I am re watching Walking Dead from the beginning.
I guess I want to see  the way each actor evolves in the role they play. Daryl was so fresh in season cool! But this is about Shane! he bad? Why were we so shocked about him?
Well for one thing, he right away fucked his left for dead best friend's wife and it looks like she is preggers by him too. Dude in one month's time or two is all it was, so don't give me this thing about people need to move on..I get that, but then again, so what if Lori went for Shane? Do I care? Is it smart to get your eyes off your own kid to go have sex in the woods during a zombie apocalypse?
Is it smart to let him go in the woods with dad during a zombie apocalypse?
No! "Lori, I think your guilt and over emotionalism brought on all your bad decisions"
Ok, ok, I am going too fast!
He tried to go get Rick out of the hospital and  that was futile or they would both be dead and then with the guy who shot accident..Shane killed that guy during the medicine run for Carl. They would all three be dead, Carl, because the medicine which they were getting, Shane and the guy, I forgot his name! The heard of zombies would have killed them both for sure!

Did Shane do the right thing?
"I am sorry", he said to the guy!
Now I have not gone to the part when things go really wrong for Shane..and I can see why. He is keeping too many secrets and it is too much to bear.
Rick on the other hand and I only mention this because so many people are comparing them, Rick and Shane, and, I think they are wrong.
Rick is transparent. He talks about every plan  in open honesty.
His team knows him and if not, he sets them in reality.
Shane Shane..Oh, guess what happens when you cross Rick?
He will bite your face off!

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