Friday, June 12, 2015

Here is where Daryl is awesome more Walking Dead Ideas

I love Daryl! He is heart felt. He is a boy come out of abuse and low low, I mean everyone is mean and on drugs.
He is a loner because if not, he would become like them, wasted!
Wasted is a good word for what it (the badness of low life) does.
It not only makes you do nothing, it makes you mean because it uses all the good chemicals in your brain all at one time and then you feel low and start with the meanness!
I feel like that is how Daryl grew up, around people like that.
isolated in a mountain somewhere with a bunch of no accounts doing nothing.
I have heard that in some towns, the whole place, they are are all high on meth and the pills. The pills! Daryl's brother, Merle, was one of those kind. We dug right in to his story. We have met people like Merle, I know I have! They hate Jews, Blacks, Indians and so on!
They are not liberals in mind but they live like liberals.
Daryl is so in doubt with himself all the time because they never one time gave him reason to be proud of anything and even if he was, he couldn't share any joyous event in his life with Merle, his brother or any other person in his family. He wants good things, Daryl does!
I love him, because he is always working hard like any good Capricorn man! He is always on the move and needs alone time. Interesting about Daryl, Capricorns and how it all fits...
He still used his own abusive brother as his way to get out of that ditch..remember that? He fell deep down a mountain and almost died. Having to drag himself up in order to live through another day... Had I not seen the show before, I would have fallen in love right there with him..but this time as I watch from the beginning, I love him already.

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