Monday, June 29, 2015

gemini thoughts and other tid bits about walking dead

there are two ways this could

You could get your shit together and get some work done..real stuff..then again, you do smell delicious and I do not say that to just any one.

Funny thing about how people smell,huh?
Like, some, they can smell really good and most people that pass me, no.
They do not take care of themselves really. And the two chicks yesterday from London or something, dude, so pretty they smelled ok. yes, fake, but at least they are trying.They had money and I served them well, thanking my lucky stars that I have the patience of a saint and magnetism to attract nice people.
Then another customer who was flirting with a Gemini demo lady yesterday, cute and dressed nicely, just like  all whole foods clients..most..when she could not answer the questions he asked he finally came to and asked, $4 dollars for this thing? You try putting ten beets in a two ounce container and see how much time and money it would cost, I thought..
"that is why they call it elite, not everyone can have it."
He looked up at me and smiled.
I do not know how he smelled to me but there are folks with too much expensive bad, stay away from my vanilla patchouli cloud.
I find that people want to hate patchouli but really they do not realize how many times they themselves have worn it secretly hidden in something.

It is almost full moon..don't forget things. Be rare and do not falter. You will need to rest and for me, a whole lot of clean up after a whole lot of raining..after all, we do not want to be one of those neighbors with the dirty house and garbage in the front all the no..we will have a lovely home where it is a pleasure to walk up the pathway.
Secure your fences and show people that they have to be tough and be real.
There "are" many work to be done in summertime here at Crabtree Chalet..Like fixing a fence and making sure about the garden.
Look at this wonderful place Johnny Depp Is selling. wow, I mean just wow! Oh, wait, he is a Gemini!
Sigh, why would anyone sell that place?

Can you believe it's almost July? Yes, I already hear the bombs going off..I suppose they are proud of something.
What? The fact that some of them have never left Livonia and do not even know what they should be proud of..I am mad! Every year the pollute the air with harmful heavy metals and we are supposed to breath that because you all need to gather on hills and you like to blow things up and see dragons in the sky? but has anyone measured the air quality after such an event, let alone all the driveway bombers..that is what I call them))

I am thinking more about happiness and what it means. How we have to live the life we believe and not just talk shit all day about spirituality and brotherhood and brother it sounds good to me, but as I learned a long time ago, you need to focus and attend to the best things...

I will leave you with my best fantasy brain idea..
la la la
Me, in Georgia on the set of Walking Dead..
Me. once in a while being a walker and the rest of the, making soap for Norman?

I notice the guy who first encountered Morgan, he has been a zombie a few times. Oh, he will be dead soon! The Wolves! Jerks!
When I first watched the episode where Rick and Pete got in a fight and Michone had to punch Rick..
I think Rick has gotten his point across to the villagers! Finally!
"I am not sorry about what I said."

Who would allow the dumb ass priest to shut the door? What a dumb ass!
I just watched the whole fifth season like a binge.
Rick is intense because he is has to be steel. He has to say what has and must be and he will not be stupid. Not on purpose! Had they listened to his first plan, Beth would still be alive.
I am so excited for many reasons! Rick becoming an awesome leader, and martial artist?
Morgan must teach them all how to fight with a staff because it is way cool and many more people will die.
Carol?? Cunning Carol..we will see!


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