Friday, June 19, 2015

all these passwords

At work we have to change our passwords all the time and I forget more of them everyday.

I have been studying a booklet by this Hungarian company Eminence. I love the ideas and the look but I am afraid one cannot make a million different things and still pay attention to what is really real.
I realize we live in a world where our creams must be silky smooth and and feel like we are from royalty with golden labels and what not.
I love the plain ones:)
There is something classy in evan healy for a example that the others cannot come close to..Eminence is some sort of other category, none the less.

They have names like Garlic Tomato Masque..I wonder how many of those they sell. I have tried to put botanicals like avocado or fresh coconut, mmm,  in a masque but I've not tried tomato. You can keep the garlic. I bet it is good but I cannot imagine putting it in a jar with some tocopherol acetate that it would remain the same after weeks or years..
Neroli Age Corrective Mist..mmm sounds wonderful!
I have smelled different brands of "neroli" based perfumes and sprays and none of them smell like neroli..why?
Because the real thing cannot ever be made to in large quantities  needed to make the finest neroli ideas..
I want a kilo of Tunisian Neroli and I would use it all for us!
I am using patchouli soap at the moment and sticking with the moonlight oil I an anointing.
I feel when I wear a sandalwood rose based oil, people love me more. maybe it is because I do love myself more that day. I am going to wear sandalwood rose today with red currant..let us see where we go from here on..I love summer!
I love you!

It is a beautiful day brewing.
Remember the babies?

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