Sunday, June 14, 2015

Soapy Sunrise

I'm cleaning out the soap shop and there might be a sweet sale coming up at my soap shop!

I happened to have forgotten about a soap I made weeks ago that I had not cut.

I made it with so much healing balm that it was sticky so I wrapped it and put it away.
I should say, "put her away!"

Amber Witch
She is very much like the old whiore but she isn't.
Begins with spicy amber because it is what is so base about her. You realize she has top notes. Oranges, mandarins and bergamot, and the patchouli must come through. The rose and hints of jasmine and some sort of creamy honey flower.
I feel like she is very gentle and a wonderful way to wash your smooth skin!

I am making this a one time special deal so if you'd like a great hunk of balmy wonderful soap, check eleneetha's shop.

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