Sunday, June 7, 2015

before I get carried away about the little prince and his wee sister

Kings, queens, I could care less but babies are cute no matter rich or poor. In the royal house, we are talking rich!

Robot space alien,
"Kings and queens in a top leading country of Earth??"
Random human,
"Yes! "
Robot space alien,
"w t f ?"
" I think you all have a few hundred years before you stop that nonsense!"
Random human,
"what do you mean, these beautiful people are ordained by God!"
Robot space alien,

transformation and
understanding your limitations
It does not have to be traumatic but a little privacy is order..what feels traumatic now may soon fade in to a pang of regrets..especially if you are one to over react...hmm?

I am thinking that there is a surge of movement so I expect that you are thinking that too.
June is that way anyhow what with school finally being done for the year..mommas wrapping up graduation and cleaning house.
I am in cleaning mode all year but when I can open a window, that is wonderful, breezy and clean.
For some,  it is never clean enough and it is isn't. That is why you do a little every day.

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