Tuesday, June 23, 2015

who doesn't

and if witches were real we would all be feasting on st trope somewhere..
No I am going to say that real happiness comes from living the life you believe in and trust.
I am going to really exceptionally and totally now enrich my life like I wanted to enrich my marriages..both of them..lol
You why people break up?
I do not know but it pretty much starts with a person changing their mind about how much truth they are willing to share about themselves.
Why can't you be open and stay open always?
We don't because we are afraid of being judged because that is when things no the other way.
You show your ability to hate and worry and carry on and for long periods of time. before you know it, years have gone by and you've spent most of that time crying. Who needs or wants that?
You are angry that that person would not follow the righteous path..drinking, drugs, women, Internet porn, meeting up with strange women or men in trailers..stop!
I have seen it all. Judgement against someone you love is harmful. Sooner and later you begin to hold your thoughts back in fear of confrontations.

Real witches are like monks, like zen gurus like filled with poise and love...and the riches are not of this world.

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