Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Governor Walking Dead watching it again so I can see Merle do the right thing

I just finished the third season of Walking Dead.

If you have read Robert Kirkman's books, the governor is a little bit cleaned up for TV on Walking Dead. Still, the acting is so good that we get the  all the evil from the governor with just hints of what he has become from the weak everyday suburban dad to a monster.
On the show, he never did get to torture Michone like he had planned. He sucks..The actor is pretty amazing, the way he saunters and carries on.."kill them all" (David Morisey)
"we can leave each other alone and you can live your way and we can live ours never to speak to one another."
Anyhow, you saw what can happen when a man goes bad and I think it is real in a sense that men can get real mean and unreasonable. Especially when they feel strongly about what is theirs.
During a war, there is famine and food becomes an issue and that is when people get really greedy.

I love this show. After watching the first three seasons, I got caught up on what I missed the first time. I must have fallen asleep for the episode where Merle died. The Gov, he loves to kill people and let them turn.
I think he is a jerk.

By the way, I think Merle is sexy:)!

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