Tuesday, June 2, 2015

a grain of rice in our solar system

that is the comparison one gave  me to describe homeopathy..
It made me thought full.

Ok, so a grain of rice  in our solar system.
What if that grain of rice connects  to a bunch of atoms of arsenic or lead in space..in the space of your body?
This would definitely find its receptor, its place. One grain of rice is still one grain of rice. Not enough to feed even one person but has to take some space.

I am baffled and very interested in this debate..
Is homeopathy real, or just another myth hoodoo like gods and goddesses..and creatures  which breath fire and fly in to the sky scoping out their domains?

Sometimes I dream I am flying over a huge area like a dragon. Then I remember I can't fly for real.
I am bound to this earth by my bones and my gravity. I was born out of mud made of calcium, magnesium and silicon..all made in stars..I am surrounded by trillions of invisible life forms all working together and on their own to make me who I am.

If I eat a grain of rice, will it trigger a reaction in me?
I think it will make me hungry for more rice.

Like attracts like..even in bacteria..it is so cool!

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