Saturday, June 13, 2015

If i were to choose any conventional perfume, I would choose Tom Ford

His ideas in perfume are brilliant and it seems to me he knows a little something of fine oils. Like his Fleur de Portofino..that sounds delectable. With the magnolia and the orange blossom neroli..he puts civet. many do. I like what it does to perfume like ambergris.. but man, no..not in aromatherapy..still though, his ideas are classic and really hypnotic..Tom Ford, Sahara Noir ..omg, it is really something that blend..course there synthetic is there too..
And then like the rest of them, he puts some thing that does not exist naturally like syringe..a flower no one uses in real essential oil distillation. I suppose someone could extract that..humm
It is like they can't stop doing it.
Why would they? It is a huge industry where snake oil is sold for cheap and to billions of customers.
We are a consumer civilization and like most of our addictions, we can't stop doing harmful things to ourselves so easily.
Tom Ford rises above the fray. He seems to know essential oils and seems to love them. Based on his choice of oils here, I would say this is a stunning blend! If it were me, I would take out the civet, and that other thing and add more neroli.
fleur de portofino

Top notes: bergamot, lemon, tangerine, bitter orange leaf, violet leaf, syringe
Heart: acacia flower, magnolia, orange blossom, osmanthus, rose, jasmine
Base: acacia honey, labdanum, vanilla, tolu, civet, ambrette

I have smelled many a perfume at TJMax and some other stores where I recognize  name brands and then when I smell it, it is like "whoa!!!"
That is not an orange and for sure peach is fragrance synthetic all the time..I can smell that and say "oh, metallic..nope, fake!"

I know, what you may be thinking, perfume and aromatherapy are not the same.

They do take from one another.  We want the smell of an orchard and we want the ocean with citrus. Some things are only meant to smell like that right where they are. Where it took millions of years to make enough nutrients and molecules to create that scent of ocean and citrus groves and jasmine near by and morning mist in your face in the morning with sunny honey scents filling the air.
To put all that in a bottle is lying. And we believe all of it. We want to.
It feels so good to want that.

You know what else feels good? When three women in a row ask you why you smell so good. You will tell them it is from me:)

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