Thursday, June 4, 2015

drone on

Urban drones?
I bet it is the future what with all the unnecessary violence in our world!

Guess what?
Statistically and health wise, we have never in all of humanity been safer. Each year is better due to education and medicine. Is our spirituality gone to the trash?
It is one thing to be spiritual and loving and kind based on what you want to get back, the law of attraction and all that, it is another when you start talking "my god", "your god" to me. I get pissed! And technically that means you believe in more than one god and so it goes...
You want me to think things are bad and that I will be punished for something I didn't do? (listen...)
They want you to be scared so you can be an exclusive part of their group.
I mean really!!
The fuks! How does a one year old with no arm have any blame? Sin you say? Guess what? Humans are sinning less. It is not because they go to church or read the bible. Most of the ones I talk to do not even know who Lot was!  No, it is because humans are smarter and have too many things to do besides die  for god. We want to see our sons grow up and our families thrive!

Why do I babble like this to you?
Because, I am sometimes sick of it. All the complaining and jealousy and greed from the same people who color their god according to what they want..
"vengeance is mine sayeth the lord"
Yea, I wonder who made those words string together?
I am sure, he was a cleric!
The rest of us are involved in real life science and study and the arts, books....
Like about the young geniuses who can now grow an arm in a lab..dude!
Jesus killed a fig tree because it wasn't fig season and put demons in pigs to suffer and die over a cliff, today we can grow an arm, fix hearts, replace bad knees and all because of our progress in science.
You see how the smarter we get, the safer and more prosperous we are and can be?
I do. I mean who wants a bunch of rubble and dead people because of anger over god and who gets be in charge of (the money)him?

I took a political test the other day.
It turns out I am a lefty, right up there with Bernie Sanders!
He is smart and has real awesome ideas for all humans to thrive.
I will say this..our sons and daughters are the ones who are more tired of the religions and their rules and they will change Iran and many other like countries in to an open and free place where women can hold their head high with out fear of clerics..seriously, it is them we fear not god!
They will get old and die and the young  will look at earth and life in new ways.
Freedom to all
Good health and vitality to all
Realization to all


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