Thursday, June 25, 2015

jewelweed balm

I have been infusing jewel weed in olive oil. I think this sort of way of doing it is the best way to get all the sticky juices from the plant.
It looks like the wild impatiens and I am so grateful to have it thanks to rare and super amazing women who love me..even a little bit. Like when I get a dug up plant that heals!
I love that and it means more to me than diamonds. I do like a nice garb but only in a stylin' my way and not because kim kardashian wears things that are said to be fashionable.

I took about 4 cups of roughly cut fresh jewel weed and 2 cups delicious fruity Greek olive oil,gently heated  on low low low for about 30 minutes and cooled it and I slowly heated the oil through the day and next day for three days.
I strained and applied on three mosquito bites and it does make the itching stop. It needs more though. It seems light. Indeed! I continue to thrive in my abilities to grow stuff. My back yard will indeed soon turn in to a secret garden! More Jewel Weed! We have it.

I will take the mixture which I strained  and I will place it over a double boiler this time because I do not want to completely cook the olive oil..I want to merry the clean sap with the oil..
I will roughly chop more jewel weed and continue this process today. By later this afternoon I should begin mixing the bees wax with this jewel weed olive oil infusion.
Eventually, this material will wilt to a quarter of  it original volume.
 I will add lavender and frankincense along with tea tree oil, just a drop. I love frankincense for itching and inflamation.
It will also come un scented so in case you do not want to smell anything.

According to Wildman Steve Brill, jewelweed contains the same chemical that is the active ingredient in Preparation H.
Other compounds called balsaminones found in jewelweed have strong anti-itching (antipruritic) properties. (Source:

I will make enough for all of us, but if you want some oil infused or in a balm, let me know. It will be at my shop on etsy, if I like it which I do do!

Have a wonderful day and I hope that everything goes your way and that you become smarter everyday and that your today is very much like tomorrow..:)))

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