Monday, June 15, 2015

I have been brewing up a new brew and some one tried to save me..

In my mind it is vanilla labdanum..always with labdanum for a reason.

Cistus is beautiful and lends itself wherever needed to offer grace and dirty sweetness!

Dirty Sweetness
(that is when you go through big life events that make you a better person)...thinking about results is how it is...loving your life, being really happy and asking all the questions.

Remember, strong does not mean being mean and cruel..
We like to hate Hitler because for a short moment in time he went over the edge! Humans around him supported his about how the United States (remember the trail of tears?)has been harboring wars since the start in order to take over the world,  and out there right now in some countries, guess what you fuks with your archaic dark religion, technology has even made your war easier! England before that. Remember when they just went in to India and took over?

I was going to get poetic which you know I am..poetic.

Our children are sick of it. Iran's youth is waiting for the old ones to die so that they can begin to enjoy their lives..less and less people want to die for them. But think about the United Sates too! This nation has been at war most of the time they have been a nation. How many of your boys would you like to send to war? I would not!
One of my boys thought he wanted a career in the Military, dude, I was upset. He came home because he could not stop smoking weed..and guess what, I am happy about that! Their documents of the idea that a son or daughter has to go and fight another tribe? That kind of success means nothing to me. That is some guy at a desk, not real life where your child is bloody for!
If more of our children grow up to be smart and ask questions, we would focus on better things as a human race.
Eating GMO watermelon, most likely! People are freaked about it and I have to say, in my world it would not happen and if we teach our children about real life and how happiness is about grace and poise and asking what? where? why?
Why does god want this?
I thought he is love?
Why does the church need more money for golden like towers?
Why the vestments?
Because, be respectful of traditions..

(also it is rain and cold out, it is not 110 degrees cannot operate heavy machinery wearing a sari..) opps, you are a girl..yup, that way you do not have to think about the world)

Last week at my store where I work, a woman started a debate with me about how she gave her life to Jesus and God. That,  what the world says God is, is not God. God is Love and give yourself to him, trust him and do not be angry.
I am not angry at life, I said..I am angry that a divine  leader would make everlasting hell just in case you do not follow his rules.
She started with Adam and Eve..
"Adam and Eve are not real, babe" I explained  how real creation is made based on what we know about physics..everything happens slow and you need the one thing before the need a giant star in order to live and die first and then that debris to make a smaller star like ours..after that all the melted stuff comes together to cool down and form basalt and then granite and then continents and then things grow from that. We actually came from that and what ever it was, the seed which made us, grew and transformed though cell division and more life and death..
It took me a few seconds to say that and she already got the glazed look in her eyes. "It is not a battle." Thinking should be ok, asking should too.
When I began quoting the Bible and what I found deplorable, she again said, no no no, that is not God.
Let me ask you then how you can interpret what god is based on a 2000 year work which continues to change with languages..from Greek to Hebrew to Latin to Old English, to Modern English, to Southern English and Puritan English and 12 steps something.....??
So,what you are saying that your mind's consciousness is God? They have a name for consciousness (homunculs, in seems to work in the same way our universe is amazing how we can make certain areas of our brain light up when were are happy or a greater sense, it is similar to how clusters of galaxies for in super clusters and even greater yet, Lanaekea seem to gather in the vastness of our universe..

It is something to think about and explore and make new words for new ideas which should always develop.

Don't be scared.

"no more kid stuff..."

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