Saturday, June 20, 2015

I have more to come

There will be another May Chang soap of course and I think it should have a yellow look with ground chamomile or calendula.
I want that and some other ideas keep flowing. Like for example not olibanum but the other one which is sweet myrrh. That may strike my fancy.
I was reading about Ania's garden and what that girl can do with tuberose. It is a beautiful thing.
I wanted to tell you hello before I get on the move again..Things seem to be opening up  and we get to see who has been ready and who needs to simmer down and get busy making, doing, thinking, asking.

I am still studying quantum physics and ancient history at the same time so don't you think that I sit at on my awesome couch watching zombies..who cares if Circe is naked walking the streets being shamed..I need me some Rick time. That is after I cut some dang fine soap.
I mean, what if it is not good? What if it smells bad? What if it is too smokey and not enough depth?

Oils  are magical in the way they transform..yes, indeed. Do atoms have a consciousness then?

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