Saturday, June 20, 2015

kameno portokali a soap of burnt orange and choya loban

It means a burnt orange. In Greek. Oranges and smoke...The kind you throw in a fire with a few cloves and it it just fries in there and sizzles and then dried to a perfumed smokey goodness..
I like oranges that way, when I can feel the bitterness in my nose. The wonderful bioflavonoids having been transformed by the high heat of the fire...
This soap I offer is thought of in such a way, such a feeling of comfort and having that always.
Orange is that way.
On its own it is fleeting but mix it with any base ingredient and it does change. It can be a middle note or even a base note if you mix it with something holding.

My blend for this will be composed of organic orange oil and a 3% addition of choya..we will see after that if more is ok or too smokey.
I do not want to smell like a camp fire, I know that some of you love that.
I want a kind of perfume here. Something that lingers on my hands after a nice hand washing.

Kameno Portokali A soap Of Organic Orange and Choya Loban
soap base of organic coconut oil and cold pressed olive oil..
Organic orange oil
choya loban
black currant
tonka one drop ok?
petitgrain, lemon

These are my ingredients and I think they are quite amazing so far:)
Of course as soon as it is ready, I will show you.

I am rather excited and thoughts of why I do what I do and how creative my spirit is. It is true happiness for me and now the boons which come my way and bounce towards you.....

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